Recovering from surgery

I’m not used to being stuck in bed nearly 24 hours a day. But I’m having to get a bit accustomed to it now. I had surgery on my knee on Tuesday where they removed scar tissue and damaged cartilage from underneath my kneecap, and I’m in a fair amount of pain and on a lot of pain medication. The amount of pain I’d experience was not really relayed to me, maybe because they didn’t know what they’d actually find in surgery.

I’m getting a week off of work, at least. At this point, I am not cleared to go back to work at least until my follow up appointment next Tuesday. The amount of work I know is piling up worries me, but my coworkers have been so supportive, and I know they are trying to help me out while I’m gone.

I can’t lift my leg without a ton of pain, so I don’t know how they expect me to do leg lifts. I have to go back to physical therapy tomorrow morning after stopping about 2 months ago, and I am nervous as to what they’re going to have me do, because anything except for staying perfectly still is pretty much unbearable.

The nice thing is that this is the first time since January where I have not had to take care of all the horses, the donkey, the pig, the cats, and the dog twice a day. It’s normally hours of pretty hard labor, so it’s a nice break.

I’m probably going to cancel my next appointment with new T, which is supposed to be on Monday. I don’t want to go until I’m able to drive myself, which I can’t really do right now, even though it’s my left knee. Being in a car hurts too much right now to go on drives that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Besides, therapy is so far down on my list right now. My mind is so foggy from pain mess, I don’t even know how I’d concentrate for 50 minutes. So I’ll just sleep for a little while longer..


2 thoughts on “Recovering from surgery

  1. All the best for your recovery from surgery. I’d say try not to worry about work etc, and just pamper yourself as much as humanly possible! Makes sense to skip the therapy when your body needs to heal before you tackle emotional stuff. Good luck with the PT!

    1. Thanks, Ellen. I feel a little better after visiting with some co-workers yesterday who reassured me to just get better and not worry about work. So I’m trying my hardest to just relax and not worry! Thanks for the reassurance.. I didn’t realize how hard it would be for me to just take it easy! Lol. xx

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