Recently, my therapist essentially challenged me to go out and take some pictures, because I had mentioned in the past that I would occasionally use photography as an outlet of expression, or at least as a good distractor.  The challenge, although she may not think of it like this, is that she wanted me to bring in a photo next time.  It was hard to find the motivation to go out and do this, but I did, and I thought I’d post a few of the pictures I took.  We have some beautiful hiking trails in this area, so I went on a short hike with my camera.

I haven’t decided which one (or ones) I’m going to bring in yet, but I was thinking about one of the first two.  It’s going to freak me out showing her any pictures I’ve taken, even though I know she won’t judge me or my pictures.  Hopefully all will go smoothly, though.


10 thoughts on “Expression

  1. These are gorgeous photos Kashley! Seriously frame-able (and they’d look great hanging in my apartment!) I know your T will love to see what you’ve captured through the lens of your camera, and hope that sharing with her is a validating and helpful process. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like them. It helps me feel a little better about showing T, although I realistically know I could show her a photo of a garbage bin and she wouldn’t care! 🙂

  2. Hey Kashley – these are GORGEOUS! I’m a photo snob, and there are two here that are especially compelling to me, but I’d be proud to be the artist behind any of them. WOW!

  3. I agree! These are great photos. I particularly like the second one; it definitely looks like something you could buy framed. I think it’s a really neat challenge to share some with your T.

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