I am ashamed of my state today.  This amendment has to do with much more than just deciding “what marriage is” – it’s about protecting the rights of individuals and providing them with something that should be an inherent right: safety.  This amendment will limit domestic partnership protection, which means an abusive significant other may not face charges for his or her crimes, and existing charges may even be dropped, which is what happened in Ohio once a similar law passed in 2005.  Everyone deserves to be protected, whether they are married or not.

Social change takes time, yes, but it is still disheartening to see that we are not at that point yet.

Petition against NC Amendment One


2 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. I am disappointed in NC also, but it is a state in transition, otherwise the proponents of Amendment One would not have felt it necessary to push the issue.

    It was interesting to me to read this post together with your last one, in which you wrote intensively about all the little voices inside you, all commenting on your transition.

    I believe it is not good for a state in transition to plant a sign and say, we will go no further than this. It is also not good for a self to say, this is who I am, I am defined. Just as soon as we do so it is already outdated and in need of amendment.


    1. Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I completely agree, and I think that this amendment is actually a statement for how NC is changing – and also how many are resisting the change. The fact that lawmakers felt that this amendment was needed attests to their uneasiness about the course of the state and the nation. So, while I don’t agree with the amendment, I understand why some felt it “necessary.” I just hope that the ideas of what is necessary can eventually change.

      And you’re right – this kind of transition somewhat parallels the transitions that I’m having to make in my own life. We’re all constantly changing, and so, as you said, you can’t declare yourself as one way or another because we are never static.

      Thanks for reading!

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